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We . love . art


Waystone hosts a different local artist each season.

Our summer artist is

Max Ehrman


His work will be on display and for sale at Waystone until October 15th!

an art party will be held for max

SEPTEMBER 28th, 7pm @ Waystone!

max birds.webp

Max Ehrman

Artist Statement

Max Ehrman ( Eon75) was first influenced and introduced to world of
graffiti art by a trio of German graffiti artists that came to visit Gainesville
Florida to create a memorial mural in the city. The execution and graphic
layout sparked a fire in his creative nature that hasn’t stopped burning to
this day.
Over the years Max has written graffiti under a lot of names. Currently he
goes by the name Eon75. E.O.N. meaning Extermination.of.Normality and
the 75 denoting the year that he was born. 
This name has taken him to over 10 countries and 3 continents. He has
painted large-scale productions and traveled with the Meeting of Styles
throughout Europe, Asia and South America (
.Eon75 has exhibited in galleries all over Europe and North America.
Raised by first generation Latin (Cuban/Italian) parents he has strong roots
in the Latin community and heritage. His passion for art is mirrored in the
passion his family has for life and culture.
Max's formal schooling is in architecture but over the years he has been
more focused on art. He attained a Bachelors of Architecture from Florida
Atlantic University and also a Masters of Architecture from the Bauhaus (
Dessau institute of Architecture) in Dessau, Germany. The rigid and
structured constraints of Architecture helped him to develop an eye for
detail in his art. His art is heavily influence by organic forms in nature and
the ocean. Having grown up in Florida and living on the beach most of his
life, nature is an underlying element in all of his work.

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